What is Hester (Lea Michele) really up to?

In the preview clip for Season 2, episode 9 of “Scream Queens,” Hester gathers all the Green Meanies and appears to set their final revenge plan in motion. Apparently, one of the important agendas of their meeting is to discuss who among them gets to kill the Chanels.

As revealed in Season 2, episode 8, Wes (Oliver Hudson) — who seems to be the most excited of all the Green Meanies during the assembly — wants to kill the Chanels as he blames them for what happened to his daughter Grace (Skyler Samuels) following the series of murders at Wallace University. He said that the massacre and the hazing at the university affected her so deeply that she ended up admitting herself to Stanford Mental Asylum.

Although Nurse Hoffel (Kirstie Alley) appears to be less interested during the Green Meanie convention, it unlikely that she will just let Wes kill the Chanels. In Season 2, episode 6, Hoffel told her fellow Green Meanie, Dr. Cassidy (Taylor Lautner), that she wants to murder the Chanels with her own hands to avenge the death of his sister Agatha Bean (Jan Hoag), whose face was burnt by Chanel (Emma Roberts) back in Season 1.

Of all the Green Meanies, Cassidy has the least interest in offing the Chanels because, as viewers know, he’s in love with Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd). In the preview clip, however, it seems that his own mother Jane Hollis (Trilby Glover) is pushing him to murder the love of his life. Chanel #3, on the other hand, tries to talk him out of killing people.

Earlier in the season, Chanel and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) freed Hester from her cell in exchange for her help in catching the Green Meanie. The preview clip, however, revealed that the Red Devil mastermind has a plan of her own. Whatever Hester’s ultimate objective is, the promo video suggests that she needs to seduce Dr. Holt (John Stamos) to make sure that everything goes according to her plan.

Meanwhile, the synopsis for this season’s penultimate episode revealed that TV doctor Scarlett Lovin (Brooke Shields) visits the C.U.R.E. Institute much to the excitement of the Chanels.

“Scream Queens” Season 2, episode 9, titled “Lovin The D,” airs on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.