• Sticking to a fitness program can be difficult and many experience falling out even before they hit their marks
  • A study found that doing it with a partner or with a friend can greatly help
  • Respondents of the study attested that doing it with somebody helps them to push further and stick to their health programs

If you are wondering why there are those who get to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and there are others who simply fall out of their diets or routines, it is possible that they have been doing it all alone. Dieting and exercising at the gym without a buddy can be taxing and could even lead people to simply quit halfway or even after several months. Why? It is because no one’s there to motivate them.

Doing It With A Friend

A study of many Britons found that those who go to the gym with a friend, or start a dietary plan with someone, are more likely to succeed and to stick to their routines than those who do it alone. It would seem that the secret number that one should adhere to is number 2.

working out with friend or partner secret to healthy lifestyle
working out with friend or partner secret to healthy lifestyle 12019 - Pixabay

According to a study of 2,000 adults revealed that two out of five plan to undergo a fitness routine or diet in 2020 and 58% are planning to do it with a friend. Studies have revealed that when people try to get fit along with somebody, they have a higher chance of succeeding and sticking to the routines that they have started out with. A study commissioned by Weight Watchers also revealed that those who have a buddy when they work out feel more motivated than when they do it alone.

As per Express’ report, 62% say that they really are more likely to adhere to their routine for a long period as compared to working out all by themselves. One out of four says that they get to burn off more calories when they work out with somebody.

Positive Influence

The global director of Weight Watchers stated that it is very interesting to see the positive influence that a partner could have on a Briton’s determination to stick to a fitness program or a diet plan. He also said that having somebody going through the same emotions makes it more likely to hit milestones in getting fit. Activities, like giving up certain foods or finishing a whole 10k run, can be attainable with somebody urging you on.

As per the numbers results, around 2/3 of the participants plan to do it with their partners and 1/5 plan to take on the health and fitness path with a friend. So if you’re having some difficulty sticking to a diet plan or a fitness routine, do it with somebody. Remember that the magic number is “2.”


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