“Sense8” fans have to prepare for the end. Netflix granted the sci-fi series an opportunity to finish the story in a new special, and filming is officially wrapping up. Actress Jamie Clayton posted a special message after concluding her scenes in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“Headed home after the 6 week @sense8 finale shoot. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to finish this story,” the actress wrote.

She also promised her followers that the last episode is going to be a good one. “Thank you #sensies for all the love and support! You’re gonna LOVE the finale!”

Clayton plays Nomi, one of eight people in a group who are psychically linked. “Sense8” follows what happens after Nomi and her sensates receive their gifts and start being hunted. Season 2 ended with one of the sensates, Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), being kidnapped by the evil Whispers (Terrence Mann). However, the group was finally able to retaliate. They headed to London together to take Whispers hostage.

That’s when the series was canceled. The end of “Sense8” was a real bummer for fans because it was planned to be a five-season series. However, ending on a cliffhanger like that was painful too, and after viewers campaigned for the series to return, Netflix granted them a series finale special.

The final episode will be about two hours long. It’s better than nothing, but of course, there are fans asking for more. However, the cast seems grateful to be given an opportunity to wrap up the story at all.

Freema Agyeman, who plays Nomi’s fiancée Amanita, wrote about her gratitude yesterday as well. “We’ve wrapped on @Sense8. Bittersweet. And my view on the flight home reflects that incredible show so completely,” she explained. “Expansive. Full of wonder. Full of beauty. Full of hope. Forevermore. Thank you Lana Wachowski. Thank you @netflix Best crew, best cast, fiercest fandom ever!”

Several other cast members have shared updates from their final days of filming. Tina Desai, who plays Kala, wrote that she was “grateful” for this opportunity. Lito actor Miguel Angel Silvestre warned fans that they were in for a spectacular finale. Brian J. Smith, however, seemed a little emotional as he headed into his final day.

The finale doesn’t have a release date yet, but some viewers from around the world have caught glimpses of the finale filming. They have been spotted in London, Berlin, Paris and Naples, Italy.

Sense8 Nomi Amanita Freema Agyeman and Jamie Clayton wrapped filming on the “Sense8” series finale special. Photo: Netflix