Gander, Newfoundland Airport creative commons

In the unlikely town of Gander, Newfoundland, plane people gathered in remembrance of September 11 on the 10th anniversary.

These plane people were those redirected to Gander when airspace was closed after the attacks. 38 planes, carrying around 6,700 passengers landed in this small town of 10,000 residents.

This small town welcomed the newcomers by creating makeshift shelters as the town only has a handful of hotels. Some residents even welcomed residents into their home, giving up beds for the stranded.

Many have returned to Gander to show thanks to the residents for taking them in during the tragedy.

All of the 'plane people' remember each and every day what you did for us, and we will never forget you, said Shirley Brooks-Jones to the Canadian publication The Globe and Mail. Brooks-Jones is an Ohio resident who has been back several times since September 11, 2001.

Although there is not an accurate count of how many returned to this small town, the town was full of visitors and hotels were completely booked.

We feel like we've healed a little bit more because we've had Gander, Sue Riccardelli told The New York Times. Riccardelli was diverted to Gander on her way home to New Jersey from Paris.

This small town in Newfoundland provides just one example of the way community members joined together through the tragedy of September 11.