Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence make their third on-screen appearance together in the trailer for “Serena.” Despite being led by Hollywood’s go-to on-screen couple, critics are saying that it’s simply not on par with what audiences have come to expect from the “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle” stars.

The film is a Depression-era romantic melodrama that follows two newlyweds in North Carolina as they try to build and maintain a lucrative timber business, according to The Hollywood Reporter. When the wife (Lawrence) learns that the life they’ve been building together might be in danger, she takes matters into her own hands with dramatic, sometimes nonsensical consequences.

While the plot, setting and casting of this movie are on point, no one seems to have jumped on board with “Serena.” Believe it or not, this was Cooper and Lawrence’s first movie together despite being the third movie released. “Serena” was shot more than two years ago but has been on the shelf until now. Magnolia Pictures picked up the film in September after hefty edits.

So far it has been released in the U.K. to some biting criticism.

“The film crumples with a shower of sparks into a forest fire of melodramatic absurdity, with all kinds of violent lurches and plot entanglements,” writes The Guardian.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. “Serena” hits U.S. theaters on March 27.