An alleged serial rapist convicted attacking five Manhattan women was sentenced to 428-years in prison.

Vincent Heyward watched in shackles as one victim said she left him emotionally and physically in pain.

I started to look at black men differently, she told the judge, according to the Daily News. That's not fair. They are not responsible for what happened to me. Racism disgusts me and that's not who I am. The woman continued to say that no other black men are you! This set Heward off in a fury as four court officers had to subdue him.

Heyward left the court room as the woman continued to describe how the traumatic event profoundly affected her life.

I feel ruined, she said, reported the Daily News. I realized the other day I haven't laughed in years.

Heyward was caught by police officers after they plastered a sketch artist rendering around Manhattan. After being locked up in Rikers, Heyward reportedly assaulted several other prisoners.

The defendant viciously preyed on victims who were physically weaker than him, including a 69-year-old woman, said District Attorney Vance, in a statement. Thanks to the successful use of forensic DNA evidence in the investigation, this criminal was held responsible for a monstrous pattern of violence against New York women. I would like to commend the victims for bravely coming forward to seek justice and thank the jurors for their service in this trial.