Shameless season 5 spoilers
Deb (Emma Kenney, right) will throw a wild party in Season 5, episode 3 of "Shameless." (Pictured: Matty as James Allen, left) Showtime

The Gallagher clan will return with even more drama when Season 5 of “Shameless” airs episode 3 on Sunday, Jan. 25. According to the synopsis for the upcoming installment, “The Two Lisas” will be jam-packed with jaw-dropping moments, starting with the closing of the Alibi’s illegal “rub & tug.”

The summary teases that the gentrification of the South Side will continue when episode 3 airs. But Frank (William H. Macy) will be pulling out all the stops to prevent his neighborhood from being turned into a juice-drinking, yoga mat-toting society.

“Frank enlists Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) to scare off the lesbians who are buying up more property in the neighborhood while pleading with Sheila (Joan Cusack) not to cave and sell her home,” the synopsis reveals. But it looks like Sheila has bigger plans for her future – “with or without Frank.”

So what will the remainder of the Gallagher gang be up to in next week’s installment? According to reports, Ian (Cameron Monaghan) will celebrate spring cleaning a season late in the Milkovich house as he attempts to tidy things up. Ian will also try to dust off and fix the lives of his friends – specifically Mandy (Emma Greenwell), who is planning to move to Indiana with her abusive boyfriend.

Ian will look to Lip (Jeremy Allen White) for help on convincing Mandy to stay, but the eldest Gallagher male will “remain emotionally unavailable” for their friend. This is a shocker to fans, considering Lip and Mandy shared a sweet moment together in episode 2. Will Lip’s emotionally fluctuating friendship with Mandy push her away for good this time?

“Meanwhile, Debbie throws a wild party at the Gallagher house and Carl discovers a hidden talent,” the synopsis continues. Frank will also be playing a matchmaker in episode 3, when he tries to set his daughter Sammi (Emily Bergl) up with a junkyard owner to snag some brewery equipment. Last but not least, viewers should expect Fiona (Emmy Rossum) to make a move on a new character in the upcoming installment of “Shameless.” Does this mean her fling with Sean is over?

Check out the promo for episode 3 below:

“Shameless” Season 5, episode 3 airs Sunday, Jan. 25, at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.