Shannon Beador
Shannon Beador has opened up about her weight gain. Pictured: The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star attending Shoebox’s 29th Birthday Celebration at The Improv in Hollywood, California on June 10, 2015. Getty Images/Imeh Akpanudosen

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador has opened up about the real reason why she’s gained so much weight. Previously, she claimed that it was actually the stress that co-star Vicki Gunvalson gave her that led to her weight gain. But the fault, she admitted, actually lies on her.

On Thursday, Beador opened up to Us Weekly about the increase in her body weight. This time she’s singing a different tune from the time she said on the hit reality series that Gunvalson triggered her 40-pound weight gain. “I just went off the wagon a little,” Beador said, before adding, “I’m the one that put the stuff in my mouth.”

In the past, Beador put the blame on Gunvalson after the latter revealed in the eleventh season of their show that David Beador, the former’s husband, was physically abusing her. “That stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more and that’s a huge part of why I gained my weight,” she said of Gunvalson’s allegation at the time.

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Gunvalson’s accusation has obviously led to a rift between the television personalities, who have yet to fix their broken relationship. After all, Beador has admitted that the weight gain affected her badly. “My weight gain has affected me and how I feel about myself. I’m embarrassed of my body,” she was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

For now though, Beador is exerting effort in losing the weight she gained over the past year. She said she’s working out at least 30 minutes a day and doing the math when it comes to the calories she eats. “I’m working on it. Slowly but surely getting there,” she said after revealing she’s shed off 8 pounds.

Early last week, Beador also addressed the weight gain issue via Instagram. She posted a close-up photo of her face and vented her sentiments in the caption. “Yes, I have gained weight. A lot of weight. About 40 pounds to be exact,” she wrote. “I have not had plastic surgery or fillers, it’s just plain and simple weight gain.”

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Beador then went on to reveal that the different factors that caused her to gain weight will be addressed in the new season of the Bravo series. “There are multiple factors that have contributed to my size and it will be addressed this season on the show,” she said.

The reality TV actress then addressed her bashers and haters, saying, “To those people who intend to write cruel or derogatory comments to me, I want to let you know you will be blocked and the comment be deleted. Gaining weight and trying to take it off is a struggle that most women will face at some point in their lives.”