Shaquan Duley received a 35-year prison sentence Friday for suffocating her two young sons and then staging a car crash into the Edisto River.

Duley, 30, appeared before the judge Friday morning in shackles and clutching a Bible, according to WBTV. She reaffirmed her guilty plea to the murders of her sons, 18-month-old Ja'van and 2-year-old Devan.

Circuit Court Judge Edgar Dickson said he appreciated Duley taking responsibility but she needed to be punished for what she did, according to The Associated Press.

The sentence I hand down today does not reflect in any way this court minimizing the horror of what you did to your children, you family and this community, Dickson said.

After pleading guilty and making no deal with prosecutors, Duley faced 30 years to life in prison.

Duley suffocated her two children after attempting to commit suicide. She then strapped the boys into her car and watched it roll into the river.