shark attack
Great White sharks are the stars of many shark attack documentaries, TV shows and movies on Netflix. Pictured: A shark bites a decoy seal near False Bay in South Africa in 2010. Getty

It’s no “Jaws,” but if you’re looking for the thrill a shark movie, documentary or TV series offers, Netflix has tons of streaming options available. Ahead of the official kick off of the 2017 summer season, check out these nail-bitting shark attack films on Netflix.

“Avalanche Sharks” - TV-MA

When an avalanche crashes on a ski resort it creates a bigger problem then the guests could have ever anticipated. The natural occurrence causes “snow sharks,” ancient beasts that feed off of humans, to get loose. Alexandra Mendeluk, Kate Nautra, Benjamin Easterly, Eric Scott Woods and Kelle Cantrell star in this 2014 B-horror movie.

“3-Headed Shark Attack”- TV-14

Ocean pollution is to blame for the three-headed villain in this Danny Trejo horror. The movie follows the oceanic beast as it attacks a research facility and threatens guests aboard a cruise ship.

“NOVA: Why Sharks Attack”- TV-PG

Ever wondered why shark attacks humans? This 2014 TV documentary from director Adam Geiger gets the scoop from shark experts. The film follows the pros as they analyze the changing behaviors of sharks and why there has been an increased number of attacks on humans.

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“Shark Water”- PG

Shark lover and filmmaker Rob Stewart wants to fight back against stereotypes about the ocean’s most famous predator. In this 2006 science documentary he dives into shark-infested waters to shed light on the dwindling shark population.

“Shark Lake”- NR

A bull shark gets loose in Lake Tahoe, all thanks to an exotic animal dealer. The shark goes on to wreck havoc.

“Shark Men”- TV-PG

You can binge-watch the entire first season of this 2012 TV documentary series. In it, scientists and fisherman come together to track down Great White sharks for educational purposes.

“Shark”- TV-PG

If you’re looking for another TV series to watch, check out the first season of the British series “Shark.” Starring Paul McGann, the 2015 program showcases the secret lives of sharks in both warm and colder climates.


If you haven’t yet experience the wonder of the “Sharknado” franchise, Netflix has several of the films available for your viewing pleasure. Start with the 2013 original “Sharknado,” which follows Los Angeles residents who fight back against a hurricane of sharks, before continuing on with “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” and “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.” Tara Reid and Ian Ziering star.

“Death Beach”- TV-PG

The 2012 documentary examines South Africa’s Second Beach, the site of the some of the most infamous shark attacks in history. Matt Dicken and Thom Kikot star.

“Australia’s Deadliest Sea Creatures”- TV-G

It’s not just sharks beach goers should fear. In this 2006 documentary star and director Greg Grainger discusses the other fearsome beasts that live in the ocean.

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“Hunter for the Super Predator”- TV-PG

Cinematographer David Riggs thinks sharks have something to fear. This 2014 film follows him as he tracks a beast he claims he once saw eat a Great White.

“Danger Down Under”- TV-G

A spear fisherman, who almost lost his life to a shark and now devout his days to the preservation of them, discusses the creatures in this 2003 documentary.