Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson poses at the premiere of "Scream 4" at the Grauman's Chinese theater in Hollywood, California April 11, 2011 Reuters

Hollywood just got weirder -- actor Shia LaBeouf has directed a music video for Marilyn Manson. The pair got together to make a short film for Manson's new album Born Villain. The album will be out this fall, but the video for Born Villain was released earlier this week.

While looking to experiment in unlikely collaborations, I met Shia, and we spent a long night at my studio, Manson said on his Web site.

After seeing ‘Maniac,’ his short film, which is somewhat inspired by ‘Man Bites Dog,’ I was astonished by his directing ability. So I shared quite a few of my favorite inspirations in art, literature, and obviously… film. I was impressed with how Shia digested my world, and made what I’d like to think, is both an homage and a mockery of the history of Cinema.

LaBeouf told MTV News that he met the singer at a Kills concert. After the Transformers star approached Mason, the two formed a close relationship.

I played 'Maniac' for [Manson], and he freaked the f--k out, LaBeouf told MTV. Manson goes crazy. Manson's like, 'I want you to do my video.'

The typically spooky Manson video is a leap from LaBeouf's Even Steven days and features Nazis, lots of nudity, amputees and a man getting his eye ball shot out.

I don't see fans of mine who went to see 'Holes' when they were 12 loving this, LaBeouf said in the interview. I don't think my audience is the only thing I should exercise my artistic muscle for. I don't necessarily always do things for the audience; this is one of those.

The video is below, but Manson's record company Cooking Vinyl has been removing Born Villain from YouTube at a rapid pace. If the video is blocked, it can be viewed on Manson's Web site.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images, and it is definitely not safe for work.