“Silicon Valley” Season 3 Spoilers
The Pied Piper team, including Jared (Zach Woods, left) and Richard (Thomse Middleditch, right), will try to save their product from the company’s new CEO in Season 3, episode 3 of “Silicon Valley.” HBO

How is Richard going to save the platform? That’s the question the creator of Pied Piper will attempt to answer in episode 3 of HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”

According to the promo video of the upcoming installment, titled “Meinertzhagen’s Haversack,” the tech genius will struggle to rescue his million-dollar product from the clutches of Jack Barker, the company’s new, frivolous CEO. Fortunately, Erlich (T.J. Miller) has a plan to liberate Pied Piper from corrupt hands — and it’s quite simple:

“Richard (Thomas Middleditch), if we want to build the platform … all we need to do is build a platform,” Erlich tells the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer.

“That was underwhelming,” Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) responds to the obvious solution.

In episode 2, Richard learns that Pied Piper’s newest CEO (Stephen Tobolowsky), who was hired by the board, is less focused on the product itself and more concerned about the sales of Pied Piper. Action Jack made his priorities for the company quite clear when he told Richard, amid an uncomfortable scene of two horses having sex, that, “whatever raises the value of that stock is what we'll sell.”

And the product Jack wants to sell will dismantle nearly everything Pied Piper originally stood for. So, in episode 3, Richard will attempt to find an “alternative path to the chain of command,” the synopsis for the forthcoming installment reveals.

Meanwhile, Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), who is enchanted by his larger-than-life work monitor, will be bombarded by headhunters while Dinesh faces the repercussions of a recent purchase — consequences that will attract unwanted attention. Could Dinesh’s unwanted limelight have anything to do with Jack’s newly installed wish board?

Jack pimped out the Pied Piper workspace in episode 3, including everything from a fully-stocked fridge, new equipment and swanky accessories like the wish board. The dreamy item gives employees the ability to request an item — like a large computer — hoping to see the coveted item in the workspace.

Jack explained to Richard, who was rightfully concerned about the pricey budget, the method behind his financial madness, revealing that that this high-tech space is an investment. The Pied Piper head honcho, who created they wacky conjoined triangles of success theory, explains that the decked out office space will lure the brightest minds to their company — just like Google’s chef and masseuses did. But could the wish board backfire? Seems like it’s a nightmare waiting to happen…

“Silicon Valley” airs Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. EDT on HBO.