sister wives season 6 spoilers
"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown (second to right), pictured with Robyn (left), Christine (second to left), Janelle (center) and Meri (right), will spend quality time with his daughters during Season 6, episode 5. TLC

The more ladies the merrier – right, Kody? The Brown patriarch will spend quality time with the ladies of his life during episode 5 of “Sister Wives”– and no, we don’t mean with Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Instead Kody will devote his time to his five youngest daughters.

“Kody plans a bonding trip to the beach with his five youngest daughters after admitting he has better relationships with his sons,” the summary for the upcoming installment, titled “More Girls Than Kody Can Handle,” reveals.

During episode 3 of the hit TLC reality series, Kody explained that the reason he’s closer with his sons is because they’re interested in sports – just like he is. And because of that, Kody’s daughters felt disconnected to him – particularly Janelle’s daughter Madison, who revealed in her Season 6 confessional that she has an issue with the lack of connection between her and her dad.

sister wives season 6 spoilers
"Sister Wives" star Christine Brown (left) urged Kody (right) to spend more time with his daughters. TLC

Christine, Kody’s third sister wife, warned her husband that he needed to mend his relationships with his daughters or else he might have the same regrets as her own dad. Christine divulged that her father once told her that he wished he had spent more time with them, which is why Kody’s wife was so adamant that he make time for his daughters.

Kody agreed with that idea but explained that he didn’t exactly know how to relate to a teenage girl. When his daughters were young he used to take them on adventures or mini-dates, but as the girls turned into women, the excursions ended – and so did the quality time.

So, Kody noted that there's an issue and will attempt to rectify his wrongs in episode 5 of “Sister Wives” by taking his little ladies to the beach for a daddy/daughters day.

“Meanwhile, Madison’s plan to join the Mormon Church hits a snag,” the synopsis adds. Madison revealed to her family in episode 3 that she wanted to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – an institution that doesn’t recognize that Brown family’s religion as legitimate. It was explained to audiences that Madison’s decision to join the church, which the Brown family supported, could result in separating herself from her family considering the LDS church doesn’t agree with the polygamist lifestyle. Could Madison be forced to choose between her family and her religion in episode 5?

Lastly, it as revealed that Meri and Janelle will finally attend the therapy session that Kody’s second sister wife was so determined to partake in. During the Season 6 premiere of “Sister Wives,” Janelle opened up to Meri that she wanted the two of them to work on their rocky relationship – something Meri has wanted to do for years. However, Meri told Janelle that she would need to think about participating in a therapy session – and it looks like she finally has.

The two will work on improving their “strained relationship” during episode 5 of “Sister Wives,” which will air on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.