sister wives affair
"Sister Wives" star Robyn Brown (left), pictured with Meri Brown (second to left), Kody Brown (center), Christine Brown (second to right) and Janelle Brown (right) at the grand opening of Mike Tyson's one-man show on April 14, 2012, in Las Vegas, knew about Meri's online affair, according to reports. Getty Images

On Monday, Meri Brown, star of the hit TLC series “Sister Wives,” admitted to having an emotional affair with a woman who had impersonated a man. But as it turns out, Kody’s first sister wife, who he married in January 1971, wasn’t the only one acting unfaithful.

During an interview with In Touch Weekly, a friend of Kody’s youngest sister wife Robyn, named Kendra Pollard-Para, revealed that the brown haired polygamist had known all along that Meri was getting catfished. Pollard-Para stated that Robyn learned about the affair after fans of the reality series reached out to her with intel on the scandalous matter.

“I brought it up to Robyn and we looked and we saw there was definitely a relationship going on,” she told the outlet, stating that she and Robyn were both aware of the online rendezvous.

Pollard-Para’s statement left fans questioning the relationship between Robyn and Meri – especially since it's depicted on Season 6 of “Sister Wives,” which is currently airing, that the two are more connected than ever. During Season 5 of “Sister Wives,” Meri revealed that she was going to relinquish her position of being Kody’s legal wife so that Robyn could marry her husband of 24-years with the hopes that he could then adopt Robyn’s children from her previous marriage.

“I’m not going to lie -- it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce,” she confessed during the Season 5 finale of “Sister Wives.” “And having it really be for nothing as far as the possibility of not being able to adopt the kids.”

However, despite her fears, Meri followed through with her and Kody’s divorce – a selfless act that left Robyn in tears.

“I was shocked,” Robyn said during her confessional. “It was huge to me. I love that woman.”

After it was announced that Meri was divorcing Kody for Robyn and her children, Kody’s fourth wife began to receive hateful comments on Facebook and Twitter. So, unbeknownst to her sister wife, Meri stepped in and “addressed the negativity.”

She told “Sister Wives” fans that no one forced her to divorce Kody. The reason she legally left her husband was so that Robyn’s children could be happy, have security and live peacefully, according to Meri.

“I made the decision. I offered it up to Robyn, and I would do it again,” she wrote in a note to her fans on Twitter, adding that she loves her sister wife. “Robyn is a real, true, kind and loving person, and a true friend. I am grateful for her influence in my life. I am a better person because of her.”

After the affair between Meri and her online suitor was made public, the “Sister Wives” star divulged that her family has been nothing but supportive of her – including Robyn.

“Throughout this ordeal, my family has supported me and stood by me,” she told People magazine. “I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time.”

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