A mother named Janet Johnson gave birth to a whopping 16 pounds and one ounce baby in Texas.

This is Johnson's fourth child, but the couple's first together.

The baby named, JaMichael Brown, was born on Friday with the weight of double the average new born baby.

Brown was the heaviest baby born ever at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, and also the biggest newborn baby in the Lone Star State.


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Baby Jamichael is 24-inches long, has a 17-inch chest, and a full head of hair.

The baby was born through Caesarean delivery. Doctors thought the baby would be at most between 12 and 13 pounds.

He was much larger than expected, said Kirk, explaining how JaMichael was the largest baby he had ever delivered.

The hospital opened since 1938 and last year delivered almost 2,900 babies.

They call him moose up here, said Jamichael's father Michael Brown. We may finally have a star football player in the family, or maybe a basketball player, Brown also said. I'm just proud of him.

The state is yet to determine whether JaMichael surpassed all records for newborns.

JaMichael is expected to be fine with only a few minor problems reported so far.