Police hunting for missing toddler Sky Metalwala reportedly found several items of interest while searching a park in Kirkland, Wash., last weekend. The items recovered on Nov. 19 have been sent to a forensic lab for analysis, according to a Fox News report. However, the police have not disclosed details about the items.

They found something of interest. We called out our [criminal-scene investigation] investigators, they showed up and looked at the items, the Bellevue Police Department's Carla Iafrate told KOMO-TV.

About the same time, police released new photographs of Sky and his mother, Julia Biryukova. According to the mother's statement, her 2-year-old son disappeared after she left him alone in her unlocked car, for around an hour, while she walked to a nearby Chevron gas station for fuel. She was reportedly taking Sky to a hospital. Also in the car was her 4-year-old daughter, who she took with her while walking to and from the gas station.

Police officials believe Biryukova's story doesn't add up and, interestingly, is somewhat similar to a fictional case presented on a television show, Law & Order: SVU, that aired the day before the child was reported missing.

The police also said that the car in question had a sufficient amount of gas when it was checked by authorities. For now, the authorities have opted against arresting Biryukova for not cooperating in the investigation of her missing son.

Biryukova has reportedly refused interviews.