Sly Stone
Sly Stone at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2008. Chris Hakkens, Creative Common

Sly Stone, homeless currently living in a van in L.A., admits to still abusing drugs and alcohol.

Stone told TMZ that he is still an addict and uses cocaine and beer, but that he has every desire to become sober. Supposedly he has already chosen a rehabilitation center that he plans on entering.

He claims to have not had a sip of alcohol or used any sort of drugs in a week and a half.

TMZ described Stone as being discombobulated.

The Palm Beach Post reports that as little as four years ago the 68-year-old Sly & The Family Stone frontman was living in a luxurious Napa Valley home with multiple cars and his own vineyard.

Times have certainly changed for Stone and his drug habit is partly to blame.

Stone has been arrested multiple times for drug possession, the most recent on April 1, 2011 after LAPD officers found freebase cocaine on him during a vehicle search.

He says that he is still recording music using his laptop computer in his van. He claims to have hundreds of songs on reserve for when the likes of New Hollywood comes knocking on his door. He even has hopes of working with... Lady Gaga?

I see all the guys playing those old songs. Let these guys know, like Lady Gaga, let me come in, just let me come in and pay me if you like it, he said.