Snowmobiler Buried Alive after Avalanche (YouTube Video)

It was a deadly moment for a Washington snowmobiler who could have easily died were it not for the quick thinking of his friends after he was buried alive in an avalanche.

Rick Jablinske had his helmet cam running while watching his three friends ride around on Stampede Pass in Washington's Cascade Mountain Range on Sunday.

He records the action from a high vantage point as his friend John Swanson falls off his snowmobile. As Swanson walks toward the vehicle to jump back on, a large avalanche is seen forming behind him.

Jablinske curses and screams trying to warn his friend about the rolling snow but it's too late. Within seconds, Swanson disappears under the snow.

Jablinski then revs up his snowmobile and races over to the mound of snow where, with the help of friends, he uncovers Swanson.

Remarkably, though Swanson appears shaken up, he is OK and able to breath.

We got you buddy - you're good, Jablinske says calling for his friends to grab shovels and help dig.

I'm OK, Swanson is heard saying in the background of the remarkable footage. It just freaked me out.

The incredibly unnerving video was posted to YouTube late Sunday with the title Live to tell.

I knew that I was buried enough in snow that I couldn't move...was suffocating in the snow, Swanson told WFMY News. They knew where I went...that was the saving grace...they started digging that area.

Swanson was breathing and dazed once he was dug out but is now reportedly safely back at his home in Linwood, Wash. where he is recovering from his brush with death.

Watch the video of Swanson buried alive below: