A diver was almost swallowed by a whale shark while he was staring into the mammoth jaws of the largest fish in the world that feed mainly on plankton. The breathtaking photograph was captured by photographer Mauricio Handler in the waters of Mujeres Island in Mexico.



Mauricio Handler. Photo: Facebook

Handler, 49, captured the stunning photos when more than 600 whale sharks gathered to feed on tuna spawn. According to him, the image of the diver swimming right in front of the whale shark's mouth was an incredible adrenaline rush. Handler took the photo when the whale shark went on his colleague's direction while feeding.

On our last day I was taking a photograph of a whale and it ended up swimming at my photographer friend, Handler told the Sun. He further added that there was not much of a danger since whale sharks don't have very good eyesight.

Whale sharks generally have mouth up to 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) wide that can contain between 300 and 350 rows of tiny teeth. The animal, with five large pairs of grills, can have a weight of 40 tons.

The largest confirmed specimen of whale sharks was caught on November 11, 1947, near Baba Island in Karachi, Pakistan. The giant was 12.65 meters (41.50 ft) long, weighed more than 21.5 tones (47,000 lb), and had a girth of 7 meters (23.0 ft).

Here are some of the spectacular pictures of whale sharks taken by Mauricio Handler during the expedition.