Zendaya, Tom Holland
Pictured: Zendaya and Holland attend “Spider-Man: Homecoming” photocall at the Villamagna Hotel on June 14, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. Getty Images/Carlos Alvarez

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating!

A source recently told People that Holland and Zendaya started seeing each other while filming “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” However, they have been very particular about keeping things low-key. “They’ve been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye but they’ve gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another,” the source said.

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One of the things that Holland and Zendaya may have liked about each other is their sense of humor. The insider said that the couple is able to make each other laugh. “They’re both really ambitious and they challenge each other – but, most importantly, they make each other crack up. They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together. They have great banter back and forth,” the insider said.

Meanwhile, Holland and Zendaya have spoken highly of each other in their separate interviews. Before their film’s July 7 premiere, Holland told the same publication that Zendaya has helped him deal with his newfound fame. “We are like the best of friends. She is so great and amazing. I’m a little worried about dealing with fame, but Zendaya is super famous and she’s been through this and I just call her up and say, ‘How do I manage being famous?’ I’m very glad I have a friend like her,” he said.

In June, Zendaya sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where she called Holland “great” and a “good person.” Zendaya also gushed over Holland’s work ethic. “When we were shooting in Atlanta, one of the things that was nice for me is that it really felt like half of the movie, at least, it felt like we were just shooting this awkward teen coming-of-age story. It was like a comedy. And then you step back and you remember, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is Spider-Man. And just yesterday, Tom was just flipping off these buildings and swinging from things in a harness… So he killed it, and I’m definitely proud to be part of this experience,” she said.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is still showing in theaters across the globe.