Thursday evening, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark reopened for previews at the Foxwoods Theatre in New york City.

The production was closed down in April 17. Over three and a half weeks, the production was revamped from director and music to plot and structure. The role of spider-villainess Arachne, original character by the musical's original director Julie Taymor, previously dominated Act II. The creative team that replaced Ms. Taymor changed Arachne's character from fiend to friend, and developed the romance between Peter and love interest Mary Jane Watson. Several other changes were made to the original action scenes from fight to flight with less flying.

The most expensive musical ever, at $70 million, yesterday's show was the 146th preview performance, breaking the most previews record In March. As opening night was delayed six times, previews were also extended. The show is scheduled to open formally on June 14.