• #SaveTheChildren goes trending on various social media platforms
  • Netizens felt relieved seeing that people are speaking up against child trafficking
  • Several netizens reported a Twitter account that promotes child exploitation
  • Twitter admin immediately suspended the account
  • “Save the Children” flash rally was held in Savannah, GA, yesterday (Aug. 9)
  • Organizer and participants aim to raise awareness on child exploitation
  • They also want to bring to light the neglected human trafficking “pandemic”

Netizens have begun making noise, raising awareness on one of the most prevalent issues in society —human trafficking. #SaveTheChildren currently trends in several social media platforms.

Thousands of netizens felt relief when the topic #SaveTheChildren began trending not only on Facebook but also on Twitter. A few hours ago, #SaveTheChildren went viral with 600,000 talking about the topic.

#SaveTheChildren took Twitter by storm too with 198,000 tweets earlier today. Not only did the topic went trending in the U.S., but it also went viral in Australia.

Several netizens, amid the #SaveTheChildren discussion thread, urged people never to stop making noise. Through social media, many people hoped that authorities would give appropriate attention to this “pandemic.”

Several netizens also reported a Twitter account, which contained child pornography. One of them was a netizen, who went by the name Tasha-with-a-Tea.

“Please report this account,” she tweeted. “It has feed FULL of child pornography and videos of child rape.”

Then she quoted the user name @Jazzy45938479. Another Twitter user, who goes by the name UnhealthyLettuce, also asked the Twitter community to report the said account.

The call was quickly acted upon by the Twitter admin. The said account, as of current, has been suspended.

In Savannah, GA, several people participated in a rally to raise awareness against human trafficking. Participants of the “Save The Children” flash rally marched from Johnson Square to City Hall, yesterday (Aug. 9), WTOC 11 reported.

The rally was organized by Dominic Box, who said that more than 1 million children were commercially trafficked for sexual exploitation annually, the news site further reported. They, the rally organizer and the participants, reportedly felt that the issue of child trafficking has not been given much attention, hence, this movement.

Participants of the rally reportedly urged everyone to speak up and share their story whether they were a victim, a survivor or someone who has witnessed this monstrosity. According to them, it was time to bring this issue to light.

Human trafficking is also known as modern-day slavery, according to Stop The Additional information on the types of exploitation can be also found on this site, as well as how to join, report, donate, help and support the cause.

People can also visit Save the Children’s official site for more information —research and reports relevant to the topic; news and stories; and how to send help.