The top tips for spring cleaning inn 2017. Reuters

It’s that wonderful time of year, the annual cleaning event of the season (perhaps it takes place a little more than once a year): "spring cleaning."

While the official first day of spring has passed, it’s probably time to roll up the shirt sleeves, grab a mop and get to work. A spring clean is usually perceived as a necessary chore that can leave a person feeling elated and clutter-free. Yet, the effort of sorting through a mountain of clothing or swapping out air filters for a whole day or weekend is enough to drive many people berserk.

Retailer Wooden Blinds Direct released an infographic for 2015 that took a look at spring cleaning habits. While some do love to clean and organize, 68 percent of those asked said they dreaded spring cleaning and 47 percent of couples reported that they argued over who should do the cleaning.

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One sage piece of advice offered to the New York Times by various cleaning experts was that preparation was key.

Shopping and strategizing before the actual cleaning process was integral to not wasting precious time. Cleaning experts have also touted the benefits of using products that might already be stashed in the household. Baking soda can act as an excellent deodorizer, vinegar solutions can act as an excellent cleaner, and even ketchup can be used to remove tarnish and rust.

Need more quick-and-not-so-dirty cleaning tips? House Beautiful and Real Simple have plenty of tips.

-Start in a dining or living room. Low-traffic areas might bolster your resolve to keep going if you’re not overwhelmed by the existing mess.

-Don’t forget the cabinets, and be sure to wipe down wood fronts in the kitchen with cabinet cream to cut through grease that might have collected over the months.

-Cool tumble dry curtain fabrics for 15 minutes to get out all of the dust. Hang immediately after they’re done so they don’t wrinkle.

-A misting of a wax-based aerosol spray on stainless steel appliances can leave them shiny and looking new. But it's important to not overuse to such products.

-Use a steam floor cleaner on hardwood floors (or even on laminate and tiled floors) for a deep clean.

- Even the dishwasher requires a good cleaning every now and then. It's helpful to run your dishwasher on a cleansing cycle once a month to ensure its free of gunk and actually cleaning your dishes.

-The same goes for the washing machine. Clean out your clothes machine with a white vinegar and baking soda solution. Run the hot water in the machine then add the cleaners and let sit for 30 to 60 minutes. After the time is up, start the machine, wait until the water has drained and wipe down the insides.