• Coronavirus ravages in European countries like Italy and Spain
  • Common symptoms of coronavirus are fever and continuous cough
  • A Spanish doctor chronicles his symptoms over two weeks

Coronavirus has held many countries in Europe hostage, bringing economic and social activity to a halt. In the UK, the deadly COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to impose its strictest measure in peacetime in an attempt to stop the virus from further spreading. The latest government measure is a UK-wide lockdown, a policy meant to keep all people indoors with only four specific exceptions for going out of their homes.

Crisis In Spain

The European country is presently fighting a battle similar to what is being fought by Italy. In the last 24 hours, Spain reported 514 new deaths caused by complications due to COVID-19. The only positive thing about what is happening there is that it provides everyone with vital data that can be used to help formulate government policy.

Every single piece of evidence provides other countries with ammunition in the fight against the global pandemic. Today, a Spanish doctor has revealed to the world his coronavirus symptoms as they advance for two weeks.

A Doctor’s Testimony

Dr. Yale Tung Chen said he caught the infection while treating COVID-19 patients at a Madrid hospital. After getting confirmation that he is positive for the virus, he took to Twitter to give a daily account of symptoms he feels.

The first post of Dr. Chen was on March 9, which he labeled as Day One. He said he had a severe headache and sore throat. He also had a dry cough, but he did not suffer from shortness of breath. Dr. Chen also said he had no lung abnormalities.

On Day Two, he said his sore throat, headache and cough somewhat lessened, and he still did not experience any shortness of breath. Day Three, which is March 11, Dr. Chen reported he did not have any sore throat or headache. His cough got better, but he started to suffer from diarrhea. There was still no shortness of breathing during this time.

On March 12 or Day Four, Dr. Chen’s cough returned, and this time, he felt very tired. He also said he did not have any shortness of breathing. Day Five is the thirteenth of March, he said his coughing is less and still fatigued but still no shortness of breathing. The same thing was observed on Day Six, which was March 14.

A Mix Of Symptoms

During the fifteenth of March or Day Seven, his cough and weakness got worse but still no shortness of breathing. Although he was coughing less on Day Eight, the sixteenth of March, his weak feeling persisted. There was still no shortness of breathing, though.

On March 17, Day Nine of his illness, Dr. Chen somewhat felt a bit better though he was coughing more this time. No shortness of breathing was observed. On Day 10, March 18, he was less tired but was coughing more. At this time, his sense of taste diminished, and he also lost his sense of smell. There was no shortness of breathing.

Dr. Chen posted that on Day 11, the nineteenth of March, he was less tired, and his coughing also improved a bit though he cannot perform even small efforts. He also said no shortness of breathing was observed at that time. He posted on March 20, Day 12, that his main symptoms of nausea, cough, and diarrhea are getting better, but there was still no shortness of breathing.

Getting Better

He had a lesser cough on Day 13, March 21, and his weakness, diarrhea, and nausea improved a bit. Dr. Chen said he had no fever or shortness of breathing. On March 22, Day 14, Dr. Chen said he regained his appetite, and his sense of smell came back. He had a bit of cough, light headache, weakness, and nausea though at this time. He did not have any fever or shortness of breathing.

On March 23, Day 16, after he tested positive, Dr. Chen said he was still coughing but is feeling a bit stronger this time. He also treated his diarrhea with azithromycin. He had no fever or shortness of breathing at this time.

Dr. Chen made a final post on Twitter on March 24, Day 16, saying that while he still suffers from a dry cough, his energy came back. He is also now in high spirits. He did not suffer any shortness of breathing, and he also did not have any fever during the entire two weeks. Dr. Chen said he would submit for re-testing on Friday.