Steam Summer Sale 2013 is about to end.

We're now in day seven of Steam Summer Sale 2013. If you haven't jumped in on the frenzy yet, you're in luck, because there are a lot of good games you can grab on the cheap. Three of our top five can be had for less than $20 total!

Here are our top five deals of Steam Summer Sale 2013 day seven:

1. "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" $2.99 (85 percent off)

2. "Grand Theft Auto 4" $4.99 (75 percent off)

3. "Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition" $7.49 (75 percent off)

4. "Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition" $7.49 (75 percent off)

5. "Dead Island Riptide" $19.99 (50 percent off)

Honorable Mention: "Left for Dead 2" $4.99 (75 percent off)

All of the above deals expire at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday, with the exception of "Left for Dead 2" for $4.99, a resurrected deal that the Steam Summer Sale has already offered. The "Left for Dead 2" offer expires Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT.

What do you think of Steam Summer Sale 2013 day seven? Which are your favorite deals and why? Which games have you bought so far and why? What games do you hope to see on sale? Did you miss out on any deals? If so, which ones? Sound off in the comments below.