Steam Summer Sale 2013 has begun!

Every year, Valve's Steam Summer Sale makes us salivate with its price-slashing on tons of our favorite games. The sale is reportedly set to begin any moment now, and we're wondering which games will get their prices slashed. Here are the three games we want to see in the Steam Summer Sale more than any.

1. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite was released earlier this year to universal critical acclaim, but Steam is still selling it for $59.99. Ideally, the price of "Bioshock Infinite" would get knocked down to $44.99, but we'd be satisfied with a $10 cut to $49.99. By the way, DLC for Bioshock Infinite is set to be revealed later this month, though it has suffered from delays lately.

2. Grand Theft Auto 4

Rockstar Games is all set to reveal "Grand Theft Auto 5" on Sept. 17. With a sequel imminent, the price of "Grand Theft Auto 4" should be cut from $19.99 to $14.99, which would encourage gamers to spend their summer brushing up on the most recent "Grand Theft Auto" happenings before "Grand Theft Auto 5" hits the market.

3. Rome: Total War

Same idea here. The sequel to "Rome: Total War," "Total War: Rome 2" will be released on Sept. 3. "Rome: Total War" is currently being sold for $9.99. We say cut that to $1.99. That way, we could wage medieval warfare all summer long, making the wait for this long-awaited follow-up significantly less painful. When "Total War: Rome 2" is released on Sept. 3, it will be nearly nine years between the two games. Do us a favor and make it easier to forget this fact by offering "Rome: Total War" at a dirt-cheap price.

What do you think of our Steam Summer Sale wish list? Do you agree with this Steam Summer Sale wish list? Why or why not? What games do you want to see in the Steam Summer Sale and why? What do you want their prices to be cut to? When do you think the Steam Summer Sale will begin? Sound off in the comments below.