Steam Summer Sale 2013 is about to end.

We're now in day six of Steam Summer Sale 2013. Have you been bankrupted yet? No? Good, because Steam has some pretty good deals on games both vintage and contemporary.

Here are our top five deals of Steam Summer Sale 2013 day six:

1. "Half Life 2" $2.49 (75 percent off)

2. "System Shock 2" $2.49 (75 percent off)

3. "Crysis 2: Maximum Edition" $8.99 (70 percent)

4. "Torchlight 2" $4.99 (75 percent off)

5. "Devil May Cry" $24.99 (50 percent off)

Honorable Mention: "Football Manager 2013" $9.99 (75 percent off)

Lots of classics here like "Half Life 2" and "System Shock 2," though when we bought SS2 a month or two ago, we experienced issues of stability. When we googled the problem, we discovered that we weren't the only ones. We ended up buying SS2 at as well, and it has been smooth sailing since. You've been warned.

All of the above deals expire at 1 p.m. EDT today, though that doesn't necessarily mean that these are the last times we'll see them throughout Steam Summer Sale 2013. For instance, we've already seen the "Bioshock: Infinite" sale resurrected at least once, which is one of the deals that this year's Steam Summer Sale kicked off with last Thursday.

What do you think of Steam Summer Sale 2013 day six? Which are your favorite deals and why? Which games have you bought so far and why? What games do you hope to see on sale? Did you miss out on any deals? If so, which ones? Sound off in the comments below.