Steam Summer Sale 2013 has begun!

Valve's annual Steam Summer Sale is nearly upon us. Multiple reports indicate that it could start as soon as tomorrow. Time will tell.

Gamers everywhere are expressing their excitement about the event. We've seen a variety of interesting comments from gamers on various sites wishing they could (jokingly, we assume) set up direct deposit between Valve and their employer for quick and easy payment. We've also seen multiple varying cries of "TAKE MY MONEY NOW!"

However, the Steam Summer Sale may not be all that great. While we're pretty sure that the Steam Summer Sale will offer some pretty great deals on games, the deals may be so good that they could tempt gamers to bite off more than they can chew, resulting in precious dollars being wasted on games that just end up sitting in your Steam library unplayed.

Have you ever been really hungry to the point where you ordered a huge amount of food that you were unable to finish later? We're concerned that many gamers will make that same mistake. A 15-year-old on summer vacation using his birthday money to buy a huge load of games might have enough free time to play through most or even all of them before the school year starts up again. What about adult gamers with social lives, full-time jobs and multiple responsibilities?

It might be tempting to dive in headfirst and buy 10 or so heavily discounted games during the Steam Summer Sale, thinking that you're saving big bucks by doing so, but if you don't have the time to play some of those games, you're just throwing money away. Considering that you might also be saving up for new games on the horizon like "Grand Theft Auto 5" and/or for the PS4 and/or the Xbox One, there's no need to bite off more than you can play, regardless of how tempting the Steam Summer Sale could be. Caution is a virtue.

Just consider this a friendly warning. Do your best to make the best decisions possible, exercise restraint and figure out how much time you'll have to play new games before plunking down your credit card digits once the Steam Summer Sale begins. We've certainly thrown quite a bit of cash away on games we thought were good deals but just haven't had the time to play. Do your best to not repeat our mistake -- and happy hunting.