A dog owner in Australia was left indebted to a stranger enough for saving her pet from the jaws of a huge 9-foot-long python.

Earlier this week, Sahra Douglas, a resident of Sunshine Beach in Queensland, rushed to the backyard after hearing a commotion and found the reptile suffocating her puppy.

"I opened the door and looked down the side of the house and I just see this huge snake coiled around her. You could barely see any dog, it was coiled around so tight," she told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

She started screaming for help and all of sudden, a stranger, Stewart Brasier, jumped the fence to save her four-month-old English Staffy named Panda.

"I grabbed a plastic mop and thought maybe I could wedge it in between the snake and the dog. Then all of a sudden, this guy scales the back fence and he grabs the snake's head and wedges a hand in between where the snake is coiling around my dog's neck. He's standing there and he's got the snakehead in one hand, and he's trying to pull the coils apart with the other," she recalled.

Amid the chaos, she managed to call Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers' Stuart McKenzie, who told them how to handle the reptile.

"I'm just fighting against every impulse to throw this thing. Eventually, we get the coils off the snake but the fangs were still left on my dog's face so we had to spend a lot of time actually trying to pull the fangs off my dog's head, which was just awful," she recalled.

After saving the dog, she safely covered the reptile with a quilt till McKenzie arrived and remove it from her property.

The snake-catcher took to Facebook on Wednesday to share the incident.

"I had just arrived at a job when I received a frantic phone call from a lady whose new puppy called Panda, was currently being constricted by a large Carpet Python. There was no way that a snake catcher could get there in time so I had to talk her and the neighbor through how to get the snake off the dog as quickly and safely as possible. They were able to uncoil the snake from around the dog's body and then separate them and save the dog's life. The snake was also unharmed as well!" he wrote, adding that he rescued the reptile and released it in bushland away from the home.

Python Pixabay