Three people were arrested Tuesday in connection with the murder of a 22-year-old student in Nigeria.

The parents of Favour Daley-Oladele, a student of Lagos State University, filed a missing complaint after she failed to return home Dec.8. Investigation revealed that the woman had gone to meet her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko. Police said the man lured her to a hotel and drugged her to sleep. He then called 42-year-old Segun Philip, a self-styled pastor, to the room and smashed her head before him. The pastor then “slit her throat like a goat.”

Philip then ripped open the victim’s chest and cooked her breasts in a dish which he served to Owolabi and his mother, Bola Adeeko, as a ritual to make the mother-son duo rich. Police then found out that someone was using the victim’s phone and traced it to a location where Philip was present. The pastor was also arrested and eventually confessed to the crime.

Speaking to the media, he said, “I was the one, who removed her heart, breasts and other vital organs, so that we could use them for rituals. But, I was not the one who smashed her head with a pestle. Owolabi did that.”

He added that Bola did not know that the dish was prepared from human parts. Meanwhile, Owolabi also confessed to the crime during interrogation and said he killed his girlfriend to become rich after Philip demanded a human for the ritual.

Meanwhile, Bola, who was also taken into custody, told the local media that her son and the pastor “deceived me into believing that the concoction was prepared with goat organs” and that she was “touched as a mother that someone’s daughter could be slaughtered and her organs used to prepare a delicacy.” Investigation into the incident was ongoing.

africa crime scene
Representational image of a crime scene in Uganda, East Africa. ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images