A Subway employee is under investigation after a photo of her was shared online showing her bare feet on a food-prep counter. The photo, taken by a customer, sparked concern prompting a probe from the Michigan health department and the restaurant chain.

A woman named Tara Renee took the photo of the worker who is seen talking on the phone with her uncovered feet propped up on the counter.

“This is at the Subway on State St. near the U of M! Quite disgusting! I’m sure the health dept would have an issue with this. Bon appetit,” Renee wrote on Facebook.

After the post went viral, the Washtenaw County Health Department — the agency that oversees customer complaints and performs restaurant inspections — contacted the shop owner to require him to adhere to safety standards. Subway also reportedly came forward to insist the image isn't consistent with their standards as well, according to local media WXYZ.

Sources told WXYZ that the Ann Arbor-based employee was the owner’s wife.

“She’s denied ever doing this just three days ago, and there’s still been no admission of responsibility or personal apology to customers,” according to WXYZ.

Kip Klopfenstein, a business development agent at Subway, told Yahoo Lifestyle, “The behavior in this photo is inconsistent with the high standards Subway requires of its restaurants. Food safety and restaurant cleanliness are top priorities. We are investigating and will take appropriate action.”

Environmental health director Kristen Schweighoefer said the image is a strong visual representation of a valid food safety concern.

“We explained to Subway why bare feet on a countertop was unhygienic,” Schweighoefer told Yahoo Lifestyle. “My understanding is that the employee was tired and this was a lapse in judgment.”

“We’re getting to the root cause,” Schweighoefer notes. “Do employees have an appropriate place to take breaks or chairs that allow them to relax?”

In December, the Subway location where the incident took place received zero violations during an inspection.

In August, a Subway employee in London came under fire after a video surfaced showing him mixing bacon in the cheese that was meant to be used in both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian preparations. The video was shot at the Subway outlet near Victoria coach station in London.