Patrick J. Adams as Mike and Meghan Markle as Rachel
“Suits” actors Patrick J. Adams (pictured, L), Meghan Markle (pictured, R), Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman were asked who among the show’s cast would make the best president. Nigel Parry/USA Network

In anticipation of the upcoming U.S. presidential election, “Suits” stars Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman were asked who among the show’s cast would make the best president, and three of them named the same person.

Markle, who plays Rachel on the legal drama show, pleaded the fifth, while Hoffman and Rafferty both chose her. Adams said that he would make the best president, but since he’s Canadian and cannot run for any U.S. government position, he, too, picked Markle.

“I would [make the best president], but thanks to article 1, section 2 of your constitution, I’m not allowed to president of your country which I think is a huge oversight. So, in that case, I’d have to say Meghan Markle,” said Adams who portrays Mike on the USA series.

While Adams, Rafferty and Hoffman didn’t explain why they think Markle would be the best president among the cast, a quick look at the actress’ educational background and humanitarian work would give anyone an idea on why that’s the case.

According to Best Health Magazine, Markle graduated from Northwestern University with a dual major in theatre and international relations. The 35-year-old actress has also reportedly expressed an interest in returning to school to pursue a Master’s degree in international diplomacy.

When not working as an actress, Markle devotes her time to humanitarian work. Earlier this year, she became the global ambassador for World Vision Canada, and as part of her job, she recently traveled to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign.

She’s also a United Nations women's advocate. In September 2014, she presented at UN Headquarters for the HeforShe Gender Equality Campaign.

In addition, just last month, Markle also attended the One Young World annual summit in Ottawa, Canada as counselor, where she spoke on the issues of gender equality and modern day slavery.

Watch the clip below to find out which “Suits” cast member Markle thinks would make the best running mate.

“Suits” Season 6 will return in January 2017 on USA Network.