“Suits” creator Aaron Korsh revealed that he and his writing team are still in the process of breaking the entire Season 7 of the legal drama, so he can’t tell yet if fans are going to see Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) finally get married before the season ends.

While it’s not definite that Mike and Rachel’s wedding will take place in Season 7, Korsh revealed to TV Guide that the two are going to re-plan their wedding in the new season.

“We have a couple of episodes where they are like, ‘We know we said we were going to have it at Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) place, but do we really want to do that?’” Korsh said. “Originally the plan was to have a huge open wedding and make a big event of it. They decided not to do that when Mike was a fraud because they were worried that would bring too much attention to them. Now that is no longer a worry, they’re going to think about and they’re going to have to think about, ‘Is this the right time?’ They’ll have to make a decision and we’ll see what happens.”

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It seems, however, that Mike and Rachel will struggle to find time for wedding planning. “They’re both becoming lawyers and are dedicated to succeeding at this early point in their careers,” Korsh told Entertainment Weekly. “So … they have to figure out how much time they’re gonna devote to their personal lives versus their corporate lives.”

Adams talked about this particular Season 7 challenge for Mike and Rachel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, last month.

“[Mike and Rachel] are two young professionals who are at the peak of their careers,” Adams told International Business Times. “Finally, Mike gets to be a lawyer, gets to do what he’s always wanted to do, [and] she’s just graduated from law school, and they’re super in love and together and there’s no doubt that they’re the person for each other. But the thing when you’re in the middle of your career and you’re working that hard, it’s hard to take a step back from that and also invest in your personal life, your family and what are you going to build.”