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  • NewJeans released "Super Shy" on Friday
  • NewJeans dropped the full dance practice video for "Super Shy" on YouTube
  • A number of fans and dancers participated in the "Super Shy" dance challenge on TikTok

NewJeans has unveiled the choreography for its pre-release track "Super Shy" in a dance practice video, and fans around the world can now easily learn the steps thanks to dancers on TikTok.

Ahead of the release of their upcoming album "Get Up," Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein surprised their fans — known as Bunnies — with a unique new concept for their comeback. Aside from the colorful, early 2000s-themed outfits, NewJeans also incorporated waacking (also known as whacking) into its "Super Shy" choreography.

"Super Shy" features an upbeat melody and catchy beats, making it well-suited for the street dance style — characterized by "striking arm movements, poses and footwork."

The choreography might be overwhelming for some fans who aren't familiar with the dance style, so they might be hesitant to give the "Super Shy" dance challenge a try.

But user @m.multiime gave a rundown of the steps via a TikTok video, with a much slower pace and mirrored movements for less confusion. In the clip, the dancer broke down the steps to the pre-chorus and chorus of "Super Shy."

At the start of the clip, the dancer throws his arms in front of his chest, before proceeding to do a basic step in waacking called "lines." This is when the arms are extended to different sides of the body.

In the "Super Shy" dance, however, the right arm is first extended to the upper right side, leaving the left arm in the collarbone area. The step is repeated but with the left arm extended this time.

Next, extend the right arm to the side (shoulder level), and leave the left arm on the collarbone area once again. Afterward, do the step once again using the left arm, before raising both hands in the air.

The next dance step features another waacking dance move dubbed "overhead," in which the arms are placed around the collarbone area and then moved up and behind the neck. The overhead move is done twice before the dancer extends his right arm, moving it from left to right, and vice versa. The sequence ends with a quick turn.

After the turn, cross the arms before throwing them high up in the air, with the right foot at the back. Do a quick left-right-left movement with the feet while the arms form a circle, before doing an overhead once more. Lastly — for the pre-chorus — extend both arms at shoulder level and then do a small bounce, facing front. The step is done twice before doing a bit of a sultry freestyle.

The choreography of the chorus involves raising both arms to the left, doing a small clap, and then shaking the right arm downwards.

The move is repeated before going into a "line," starting with extending the left arm to the upper side while moving the right foot. This is then repeated but using the right arm and left foot this time.

Perform the first dance move one more time, before doing the chicken hands from left to right and ending the first sequence with a striking pose. Repeat the whole sequence for the rest of the chorus.

It should be noted that the video does not use the actual speed of the song, so it's better to master the hand movements before using the original beat.

After the choreography for "Super Shy" circulated online Friday, several fans and dancers participated in the newest dance trend and uploaded videos of them performing the song.

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The official "Super Shy" dance practice video, which was uploaded on NewJeans' official YouTube channel, has since accumulated 3.5 million views and is currently No. 38 on the platform's trending list.

NewJeans' second mini album "Get Up" will drop on music streaming platforms on July 21. It features a total of six tracks: "Super Shy," "ETA," "Cool With You," "New Jeans," "Get Up," and "ASAP."

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