Does Samantha work at CatCo Worldwide Media?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Supergirl” star Odette Annable revealed that her character, Samantha, has already been working side by side with Kara (Melissa Benoist) when viewers first meet her in the Season 3 premiere of the CW series.

“[Samantha has] been working with Kara and we will be working together very closely,” Annable told the news outlet when asked to tease the first meeting between the two characters. Annable didn’t directly say that Samantha is Kara’s co-worker at CatCo, but because the actress mentioned that she has yet to film scenes with David Harewood (J’onn) and Chyler Leigh (Alex), it’s more likely that Samantha will be introduced to the show’s world through Kara’s CatCo workplace.

While Samantha’s actual profession remains unclear, Annable said that Samantha and Kara will connect to one another as they share some similarities. “They can absolutely relate to each other on [the struggles of what it means to be human], on very polar opposite playing fields,” Annable said. “But they [also] have so much in common — not just because they’re from Krypton and from the same place, probably came in on a pod, but absolutely. Their storylines are very parallel — one will go one way and one will, unfortunately, go the other.”

As previously reported, Samantha has zero clue that she’s actually Reign at the beginning of the new season. “When we meet [Season 3 big bad] Reign, she’s just a woman,” Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly last month. “She’s a single mom, and she has no idea that she is Reign; she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season, so the journey that she takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.”

Aside from Kara, other characters on the show will also form relationships with Samantha. “Everyone will have a relationship with her,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told TV Insider. “And that will drive much of the season in terms of how far they’re willing to go to stop Samantha when she becomes Reign. Some will believe she needs to be saved; others will think she needs to be stopped.”

“Supergirl” Season 3 premieres on Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.