Online clothing retailer Moosejaw has released a wacky X-ray app that allows customers to see through people's clothes.

Gary Wohlfeill, creative director at Moosejaw, explained the move in a press release: Our goal at Moosejaw is to always create a unique and notable customer experience. Something the folks who shop with us will want to tell ten friends about. It's also very much about seeing people in their underwear, something we're constantly prioritizing at Moosejaw.

It seems to have worked. With over 1 million impressions on Twitter, 160,000 video views and 75,000 downloads in just five weeks, sales shot up by 37 percent compared to the same period in November last year, according to Mashable.

By positioning an iPad or smartphone over a print or digital catalogue, customers get a view at models' inner wear glory.

The app is a typical example of augmented reality (AR) technology, where the input computer imagery or video is different from the actual product in reality.

Developed by Detroit-based Marxent Labs, the app is available for a free download from Android and iPhone app stores on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

It may be called a sleazy tactic, but the technology blog reported a number of fans for this app.

I love Moosejaw. AR is definitely a hot item and this one is both innovative and definitely on the edge. They really took a bold step in developing this app, said blogger Keith Kaplan in a post on the Web site.