A group of surfers and passers-by at Venice Beach, Calif., rescued a baby white shark that washed ashore near the Venice Pier after being hooked by a fisherman.

Everyone was terrified…This guy in the yellow shorts came out of nowhere, Elvia Van Es, a Venice Beach resident told NBC Los Angeles. People started screaming. Guys were yelling, 'shark. It’s a shark. He caught a shark.' Van Es recorded the incident on her camera phone.

The baby shark that was hooked Saturday morning drifted close to the shore in need of help.

The video shows that one of the men who stepped out of the crowd to rescue the shark dragged it out of the water and kneeled down to remove the hook and line out from its mouth. With the help of the other surfer he then carried the shark back into the sea. One of the surfers bravely put his hand inside the shark's mouth to remove the stuck fishing gear.

The injured shark looked weak but the spontaneous action of the surfer saved its life.

Check out the video of the baby white shark rescue.