Swiss artist Stephan Schmidlin is the new face of Carl F. Bucherer
Carl F. Bucherer ambassador Schmidlin's creativity and works of mastery are self-evident. Carl F. Bucherer/Handout

Somewhere in between the concrete and the abstract, heaviness and lightness Swiss artist Stephan Schmidlin has always tried to establish and maintain a balace in all his works as a sculptor.

It is his clear conviction and uncompromising dedication for his artworks that has paved the way for a strong relationship with luxury brand, Carl F. Bucherer.

Named as the new ambassador for the brand, Schmidlin has always tried to pursue his dreams in life through constant effort and determination.

As a young Swiss champion gymnast, he gained nationwide acclaim. Later on, his associations with René Rindlisbacher as a satirist in the double act The Schmirinski's also won him several awards and accolades.

However, it was his inherent desire for wood sculpturing that led to his enrollment in the famous school of carving in Brienz (Switzerland).

Schmidlin's creativity and works of mastery are self-evident. In 2004, Stephan Schmidlin produced the sculpture for the one-hundredth anniversary of the World Football Association FIFA, the '100 Years FIFA-Sculpture', as well as the one dedicating the most important Swiss Sports Trophy, the 'Credit Suisse Sports Award'.

He later garnered widespread fame on the Côte d'Azur with the presentation of his monumental work, 'Lothar', carved out of the wood from trees felled by the storm of the century, bearing this same name, which swept through Switzerland in 1999.

In the latest display of his works in Zurich, in September 2010, Schmidlin exhibited 100 naturalist sculptures under the title 'Fascination with human being'.