Jill Cummins, the wife of teacher Tad Cummins — suspected of kidnapping his 15-year-old student Elizabeth Thomas — said even though she loves him, she cannot trust him. Tad Cummins, who has a warrant against him for abducting and having sexual contact with the minor, disappeared along with Elizabeth on March 13.

"It's very selfish of him to have done this to us," Jill Cummins said in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday. "I do love him, but I don't trust him anymore. He's totally betrayed me."

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Late last month, Jill Cummins filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” and said that the 50-year-old is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.”

A few days after the student-teacher duo went missing, she urged Tad Cummins to surrender and bring Elizabeth home.

“Tad this is not you,” Jill Cummins said at the time. “This is not who you are. We can help you get through this... your family wants their poppy back. Please do the right thing, turn yourself into police and bring yourself home.”

“I had no idea my husband was involved with anything that could have led to this,” she said. “Please do the right thing and turn yourself in to the police and bring Beth home.”

There has been speculation that Tad Cummins and Elizabeth had a romantic relationship and a student at their Maury County’s Culleoka Unit School saw them kissing, according to school documents from January. District Attorney Brent Cooper told People magazine last month that Tad Cummins exchanged “romantic” and “troubling” emails with Elizabeth.

“You could describe it as somewhat intimate in nature,” Cooper told People at the time, adding that the emails were “not a conversation expected for a teacher to be having with a 15-year-old student.”

However, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Director Mark Gwyn said Tuesday the alleged relationship between Elizabeth and Tad Cummins was not “romance.”

"She is 15, a child. He is 50, a grown man. She's a high school freshman. He's a former teacher. This is, and was, not a romance," Gwyn said. "This was manipulation solely to benefit Tad Cummins. This is not a fairy tale. This is a case of kidnapping."

The TBI, which listed Tad Cummins in the state’s “Top 10 Most Wanted List,” confirmed the pair’s reported sighting March 15. The two were captured on surveillance footage of a Walmart store in Oklahoma City. TBI was informed about the video only two weeks after Elizabeth and Tad Cummins were spotted at the retail store.

Following the alleged kidnapping, Culleoka Unit School — where Tad Cummins was a health teacher — fired him.