Major, Rare Storm Forecasted To Hit 10 US States

At least 10 U.S. states are expected to experience the rare wind storm "derecho" as early as Wednesday afternoon. The 2012 derecho classified storm led to the death of 22 citizens due to power outages.

More Tornadoes To Hit Midwest Friday

A reported four tornadoes hit areas in the Midwest Thursday, resulting in damage and nine injuries in the Oden, Ark. The National Weather Service, or NOAA, forecast more storms to hit the area Friday.


Oklahoma tornado wreckage

Oklahoma Tornado Search Resources

In the wake of the devastating Oklahoma tornado, a number of services have been set up for finding, or providing information about, those affected.

More Tornadoes Expected To Hit US Monday

The National Weather Service, or NOAA, announced Monday that several central U.S. states and multiple cities are at risk of experiencing tornadoes, high winds and hail Monday afternoon following last week's deadly storms.