Yangtze River Turns Red: Photos Of China's Once Golden, Now Scarlet Pathway [PICTURES]

Yangtze River Turns Red: Photos Of China's Once Golden, Now Scarlet Pathway [PICTURES]
The Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world, sometimes called the "golden watercourse," mysteriously blushed for the first time on Sept. 6. Residents in the surrounding area near the city of Chongqing, where the Yangtze connects to the Jialin River, literally stopped in their tracks when they noticed their once golden river had turned a shocking shade of red. For photos of the once golden river, check out the pictures in the photo gallery.

Mysterious Shipwreck Washed Ashore By Isaac In Alabama

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Historians in Alabama have found a mysterious shipwreck that washed ashore after Tropical Storm Isaac passed through the area. Large remains of a wooden ship were found on the beach after Isaac wrestled the wreck from the ocean’s grip.
Yangtze River Turns Red: Photos Of China's Once Golden, Now Scarlet Pathway [PICTURES]

Chinese River Turns Red, And Nobody Is Quite Sure Why

A stretch of China's Yangtze River has mysteriously turned red around the city of Chongqing. Officials are investigating the river's transformation, as nobody is quite sure what caused it. The river began turning the color of a nice marinara sauce on Thursday.
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Hurricane Leslie

Tropical Storm Leslie Officially Becomes A Hurricane

Tropical Storm Leslie has strengthened into a hurricane, according to the National Weather Service. The storm, currently sitting east of Florida and the Bahamas, is not expected to make landfall in the United States, and no hurricane watches have been issues along the Atlantic coast.
Tropical Storm Leslie and Hurricane Kirk

Hurricane Kirk Weakens, Flood Warnings and Tornado Watch Issued For Isaac

Even as the Hurricane Isaac weakens to a tropical depression bringing heavy rain and flash floods in Mississippi and lower Ohio River valley, Hurricane Kirk, the fifth hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season advances toward north east at 26 KM per hour, a National Weather Service Bulletin said.
Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac Update: More Mandatory Evacuations As Storm Claims First Fatality

Isaac persisted along its treacherous path on Thursday flooding areas, stranding residents and even claiming its first fatality. While the hurricane-turned-tropical storm Isaac weakened and is expected to become a tropical depression by Thursday evening, the rain is still making its mark on the specific areas of the Gulf Coast.
Isaac 2012 Pictures: Images Of The Devastation, From Hurricane To Tropical Storm [PHOTOS]

Isaac 2012 Pictures: 20 Images Of The Devastation, From Hurricane To Tropical Storm [PHOTOS]

Isaac, once a Category One hurricane but now just a tropical storm, is expected to be downgraded further to a tropical depression by late Thursday. In the meantime, the storm continues to pack winds of 45 miles per hour and pour down about feet of rain in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We've gathered a slew of photos and pictures of the devastation throughout New Orleans and Mississippi from Isaac.

US Cases Of West Nile Virus Set Record, Deaths Rise: CDC

Through last week, 1,118 cases of West Nile virus and 41 deaths had been reported. The updated figures represent a 40 percent increase in the number of cases and a 61 percent spike in the number of deaths, but are short of the all-time record for a full year: 9,862 cases and 264 deaths in 2003.


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