FRANKFURT - Market talk that Volkswagen could announce at an investor conference on Wednesday that it planned to take over MAN SE soon pushed shares in the German truckmaker up more than 4 percent.

Volkswagen, which already owns just under 30 percent of MAN and has made clear its desire to form at some stage a three-way trucks alliance with Swedish unit Scania, declined to comment on the talk.

The speculation is that VW will present an offer at its investor day, but I personally don't believe it because they first have to finish up work on Porsche first, one trader in Frankfurt said.

Volkswagen shares rose 2.3 percent to 68.23 euros at 4:10 a.m. EST while the German bluechips index DAX advanced 0.4 percent.

Sources close to the situation have said Volkswagen sees its integration with Porsche next year and cementing its new alliance with Japan's Suzuki as the most pressing priorities.

Scania shares rose 9.6 percent after its fourth-quarter results beat market expectations.

(Reporting by Andrea Lentz and Jan Schwartz; Writing by Michael Shields)