• Tamar Braxton's ex-boyfriend David Adefeso claims that he was a victim of "domestic abuse" in their relationship
  • Adefeso wants to resolve the legal issues between them, so he can concentrate on his business and the future
  • He also alleged that Tamar hit him on "the neck" while he was driving his car 

Tamar Braxton’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso has finally broken his silence on his tumultuous relationship with Tamar Braxton and has claimed that he was physically abused by the singer when they were still together.

The claims come a few days after Adefeso filed a restraining order against the reality star. In a statement obtained by People, Adefeso opened up about what forced him to file a restraining order against her ex and why their relationship turned bitter with each passing day.

Adefeso noted that his court filing “goes into great detail” about the situation between them. He also shared that the restraining order categorically states that he was the “victim” of “domestic abuse” in this situation. The businessman further said the matter is quite “humiliating” for him, but he needed to disclose the truth.

“My court filing, which is a public document, goes into great detail about the situation that unfolded between us. It states the most salient issue – namely, that I was the victim in this situation. As I document in the filing, I am actually the victim of domestic abuse. One in seven men experience severe physical violence, yet it remains a silent epidemic. As humiliating as this is, I must speak out for my own truth and others who do not have a platform,” People quoted Adefeso, as saying.

In his statement, Adefeso also claimed that he has “never physically abused” the “Let Me Know” singer “during or after” their relationship. He explained that he wants to resolve their issues as soon as possible, so that he could focus on his future.

“And although not part of the filing, I must affirm here and now that I have never physically abused Tamar before, during, or after our relationship. Period. I want to resolve our legal issues and move on with my life to focus on my business, my family, and the future. Despite my wish to be silent, I will discredit falsehoods and defend my integrity and ethics,” Adefeso said in the statement.

The aforementioned claims were first revealed by Adefeso in a lengthy YouTube video in which he gave out some specific details about the physical altercation that happened between him and Braxton.

In the video, Adefeso said that the musician-turned-actress “attacked”and hit him on the neck while he was driving his car at “high speed.”

“A blow to my neck, my jugular. For those of you who know about medicine and the jugular, that's what carries blood to your brain. When you're hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was going to crash,” he said in the video.

Adefeso called his mother after the alleged incident and she started praying for him while Tamar was secretly recording him. He also revealed that the video of him being “in pain” was sent to his family members.

“I called my mom — a 50-year-old guy having to call his mom when he's driving. Tamar was in the car. My mom started praying, only to find out that after the blow, I was being secretly recorded, something that is illegal and unfair. And the tapes being sent to my family, the tapes of me in distress, in pain, calling my mom, were being sent to my family and other people,” Adefeso said in the video.

However, he insisted that he would always be there for her and also drew attention toward the victims of domestic violence.

“No matter what she needs, I'll be there as a support for her. Whatever she needs, I'll be there. It's a stigma in our society for a man to report that he has been abused, but there's a lot of men who are being abused. Every Black man also carries a stigma of being an aggressor, an aggressive Black man, somebody who you can't tame,” he shared in the video.

The allegations come almost a month after Tamar publicly confessed her love for Adefeso and thanked him for saving her life when she tried to end it by attempting suicide. She was hospitalized on July 16 after her boyfriend found her unresponsive in her hotel room.