• The teacher uploaded a parody version of children's author Michael Rosen's "The Car Trip"
  • The video was removed after parents complained about its content
  • It had pornographic references

A British teacher accidentally sent her students a doctored video about incest, infuriating their parents.

The teacher, whose name was not revealed, uploaded a parody version of Michael Rosen's "The Car Trip" on Google Classroom by mistake. She sent the footage, which contained pornographic references, while taking online classes for 9 and 10-year-old students of Ings Primary School in East Hull, The New York Post reported.

The parody, titled "The Horrible Car Trip," was so mashed up that some children had to re-watch it several times as it left them confused. The teacher's instruction was to watch the clip and complete the activities on an attached PowerPoint slide.

As complaints poured in, the teacher quickly apologized, telling the students that "I am really sorry I put the wrong poetry clip on."

But, parents weren't convinced. "Teachers need to check what they're sending kids and not just being lazy and posting random links that they haven't verified. I half-heard it the first time as I was working. My daughter, who sat next to me, was struggling to answer the questions. So, I had to listen to the poem properly and realized something was severely wrong with what she was listening to and turned the video off," said a parent.

He said the video stayed on Google Classroom for an hour before it was taken off.

The school officials have also issued an apology.

"The poem was uploaded in error and we've apologized for this genuine mistake. We'd also like to thank the parent who got in touch with us immediately after noticing the error. Changes have been made to the uploading process, and we will ensure that the content shared with our students is thoroughly checked by our teaches. We would also like to thank parents for supporting their children in accessing online learning, and we are pleased to see that so many of our students are taking part," said school's director Kath Roe.

The original lesson has Michael Rosen performing "The Car Trip" - a poem about siblings fighting in the back of a car during a journey with their mum.

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