A teenage girl in India allegedly plotted the murder of her grandmother to grab her retirement benefits and gold.

The incident took place in the western state of Maharashtra. The police launched an investigation into the death of Vijaya Tiwalkar after she was found dead in a pool of blood at her home Friday. On Sunday, local media reported the police took four people, who allegedly assisted the unidentified teenage girl and her boyfriend in the murder, into custody.

The accused were identified as Nilesh Paunikar, Aarzoo Khan, Farid Ansari, Tajir Khan, granddaughter of Vijaya and her boyfriend, the Hitavada reported.

“Prima facie, six accused are involved in the murder case and the teenage granddaughter and her boyfriend are ones who planned and executed the murder for easy bucks,” a police official told local media.

City Police Chief Amitesh Kumar told The Times of India it was unthinkable that a teenage girl could mastermind such a plan to kill her grandmother for money. Kumar added the girl has not been arrested, and that those in custody did not have any prior record.

The crime was carried out shortly after midnight at the victim's residence in Nagpur.

The teenage girl had asked her boyfriend to wait outside the home and later signaled the other people involved in the incident to sneak into the house. The woman saw the unidentified men and raised an alarm, following which they pounced on her. The 62-year-old tried to fight back, but her granddaughter pinned her down, The Times of India reported.

The three accomplices tried to suffocate the woman with a pillow while the granddaughter held her legs. She then asked one of the accomplices to slash the victim's neck. The granddaughter wanted to grab at least $20,000 from her grandmother, but they could only find little cash and some jewelry in the house.

The police said the girl was likely having some psychological problems. She left her parents' house last year and was living with her boyfriend. As the duo was in financial trouble, they decided to commit the crime. The girl then moved into her grandmother's home.

Currently, the girl and her boyfriend are currently on the run.

Crime scene
Representational image AFP / Johannes EISELE