• The man, Sure Tsuro entered the teen's home and proposed to her
  • When the girl rejected his proposal, he attempted to rape her
  • The teen then picked up a log and beat him 

A 19-year-old girl in Zimbabwe was charged with murder for fatally thrashing a 40-year-old man after he attempted to rape her.

On June 7, the man, identified as Sure Tsuro, entered the teen’s home when she was alone and proposed love to her. When the teen turned down his proposal, the man began harassing her but eventually left the home. The same evening, Tsuro returned to the girl's home.

"Tsuro went on to propose love demanding consent for sexual intercourse from the girl. The accused person again turned him down," police said in a statement, as per Zim Live.

When the girl rejected his proposal, Tsuro attempted to rape her following which she picked up a log and beat him.

"Tsuro persisted, demanding to have sexual intercourse with the girl, and the accused person refused. Tsuro suddenly produced his erect penis and charged towards the accused person. The accused person took a glowing piece of firewood, extinguished it using water that was in a bucket at the fireplace, and assaulted the now-deceased several times on the legs and hands," police's statement read. 

"The accused person also assaulted the now deceased twice on the head using the same log. Tsuro staggered away from the fireplace and walked out of the yard. He fell to the ground 10 meters away in the middle of a dirt road," the statement further said.

The teen then informed a neighbor about the incident. The duo then picked up the man and moved him to the neighbor's apartment where he succumbed to injuries, IHarare reported.

The police were alerted which led to the teen’s arrest. A search warrant was executed at the teen’s home and the log used by her was collected as evidence by the police.

"The log used by the accused to assault the now deceased was recovered and is being held as an exhibit. Tsuro’s body was conveyed to Murewa District Hospital pending a postmortem," police said in the statement. 

The teen appeared in court Wednesday and was charged with murder. She remained in custody as of Thursday and no information about her bail plea was made public.

africa crime scene Representational image of a crime scene in Uganda, East Africa. Photo: ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images