Teen Wolf 606 spoilers
Lydia (Holland Roden), Scott (Tyler Posey) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) learned that Canaan is a town the Ghost Riders once attacked in “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 6. MTV

“Teen Wolf” did the time warp in Season 6, episode 6. In the last episode of the MTV drama, Stiles told his friends to look for Canaan, and they were determined to follow his directions. Lydia got a glimpse of 1987 during the search. However, her trip through someone else’s flashback led to a terrifying realization.

Canaan: When episode 6 starts, Lydia (Holland Roden) is pulled into a mirror at school, and it takes her back in time. She sees a block party in Canaan. She tries to follow the woman who pulled her in, but she quickly loses her. Lydia realizes she is in the 1980s. She watches the carousel become covered in blood. She sees the Ghost Riders erase tons of people. There is just one woman left at the end of it—and she’s a banshee.

Scott (Tyler Posey) goes to the Sheriff (Linden Ashby) to tell him about remembering Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Yet it seems the Sheriff has had enough. He doesn’t believe Scott and wants him to stop digging. The alpha isn’t ready to stop though.

Malia (Shelley Hennig) has been looking up Canaan too. The town is only on a map that’s 30 years old. They head over and discover that it’s a ghost town. It’s just as it was on the day the Ghost Riders attacked. Cars and even the carousel remained abandoned.

Suddenly, Malia sees her mother and sister’s bloody bodies on the ground. When she turns around, Theo (Cody Christian) is there, saying that she should have died with them. He shoots her in the stomach. The dead family members seem to pull her into the ground. It isn’t real, though. Malia is laying on the ground and she’s fine.

Scott wanders into a house and finds his mother. The back of her head is bloody, like someone had bitten her. Lydia and Malia pull him out of the vision. Lydia tells them it’s a hallucination from the odd supernatural energy in the town. She wants to leave until they see a little boy running.

They are led to a woman’s house. It’s Lenore from Lydia’s vision. She’s thrilled to have visitors and brings them lemonade. They ask her about Stiles, and the woman says no one has been there. She yells at them when they upset her with their prodding, and the shout clearly disorients Malia and Scott. When they try to leave, the woman says, “No one is leaving Canaan ever again.” Scott and Malia can’t break the windows or doors.

The little boy, Caleb, creepily tells Scott and Malia to follow him into the basement. He plays a VHS from 1985. Malia asks what year he was born and learn that he was born in the 1970s. They realize he is an actual ghost.

Lydia, meanwhile, discovers that Lenore is a banshee. Lenore says the Ghost Riders aren’t her fault. “You think I helped them because they brought back my dead son,” Lenore says.

Lydia is transported back to the event. This time she can see the Ghost Riders. They approached Lenore, but they let her be after everyone else is gone. Lydia realizes that they didn’t take her because she is a banshee.

Caleb starts drowning Malia and Scott, saying they will die the same way he did. However, when Lenore allows Lydia to go, Caleb lets them live too. Lydia offers to let Lenore come with them, but she is dedicated to staying with the ghost of her son.

Lydia’s trip through Lenore’s flashback gave her some insight. She said that the Wild Hunt doesn’t kill its victims. “It’s something worse than death. ... It’s like their souls hollowed out,” Lydia says.

Malia asks Lydia if she’s okay. Lydia realizes that if the Ghost Riders destroy Beacon Hills, she’ll be the lone survivor.

Liam’s Plan: Hayden has the idea to use a lightning rod to fight the Ghost Riders. They find their new teacher Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek) there. They don't realize that he had previously eavesdropped on their plans. He says he has seen the Ghost Riders, and they’re ready to bring him into the fight. He points out a flaw in their plan. They can’t build a lightning rod strong enough, so Liam has another idea. It’s a little crazy, though.

Liam wants to use Josh’s (Henry Zaga) electrical chimera powers. He points out that while the chimera died, Theo (Cody Christian) took the powers. Theo apparently isn’t dead, despite being dragged into the ground by his dead sister at the end of last season. They bring in Kira’s mother to help them. Noshiko (Tamlyn Tomita) trusts them with Kira’s sword. Liam stabs Theo’s sword into the ground, and Theo is suddenly standing before them.

He threatens to kill Liam and everyone else, but he fears Kira’s sword. He knows where it can send him, and he has clearly been in hell. He agrees to the plan, but he isn’t much help. He doesn’t have Josh’s powers anymore. However, he has knowledge about the Ghost Riders that other people don’t, so he could be helpful. That isn’t Liam’s decision, though. Theo asks where Scott and Stiles are. They realize that his memory was never erased.

Theo says it’s impossible to bring Stiles back after the Wild Hunt leaves. They point out it hasn’t left yet, and Theo says that’s impossible unless they were stuck.

The chimera quickly realizes that Scott isn’t in on this plan. When the alpha returns, he restrains himself around Theo. It’s clearly a struggle for Scott to see the chimera who tore his pack apart. Obviously, Malia isn’t as controlled. The fangs come out as soon as she sees him.

Argent’s Injury: The adults were getting into trouble this week too. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is treating Argent (J.R. Bourne) at the hospital. The Ghost Riders only nicked him with a whip, but a supernatural toxin from the weapon is killing him. Doctors want to cut out the dead flesh, but Argent knows that removing the infected area will only kill him faster.

Melissa hides Argent in a supply room while they come up with a new plan. He says there are nine supernatural herbs that could cure him, but if it’s mixed incorrectly, he’ll die. He tells her the celtic list. He says she has to add something before he goes unconscious. She realizes he wasn’t calling her Mel. He was saying something in celtic. He was saying to add honey. She saves Argent’s life.

A New Room: The Sheriff might not want to believe Scott, but he seems to be looking at his life more closely now. He tells Claudia that medical papers should be written about how she beat frontotemporal dementia. As he goes to bed, he stops by the wallpaper that Lydia tried to rip. He tears it down and sees something that shocks him. He found Stiles’ room.

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