aw enforcement officers investigate a rural home after a psychic called the Liberty County, Texas Sheriff's Office
Law enforcement officers investigate a rural home after a psychic called the Liberty County, Texas Sheriff's Office reporting that bodies were at the scene near Hardin, about 51 miles (82 km) east of Houston June 7, 2011. A false tip from the psychic prompted Texas authorities to swarm the home searching for a nonexistent mass grave and up to 30 bodies, including those of dismembered children. A spokesman for the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said the sheriff's office took the tip seriously because the psychic claimed children's bodies were in the mix. REUTERS

After not discovering any bodies, A Texas Sheriff's Captain says authorities will investigate the self-professed 'psychic' who told authorities there was a mass grave in a farmhouse in a Liberty County town.

There was initially a conflicting report stating bodies had been found on the property.

However Liberty County Sheriff's Captain Rex Evans said there was no indication of bodies being anywhere on the property, the Associated Press reported. He said authorities found nothing to indicate a homicide had taken place.

Evans said authorities would investigate the person who made the initial tip.

The last of law enforcement officials were leaving the farmhouse after dozens of investigators were on the scene earlier, according to Fox affiliate KRIV.

Agencies represented had also included the FBI, Texas Rangers, the District Attorney's office.

The D.A.'s office stopped short of calling the incident a hoax.

Evans said the sheriff's office received two calls from a person who claimed to be a psychic and said dismembered bodies would be found at the house in the town of Hardin, about 60 miles northeast of Houston.

He said authorities have the name and number of the caller and are trying to track down the person.

The details provided to us indicated there may have been a violent crime scene here, Evans said earlier in the evening, according to USA Today. Evans made the statement before officials had served a warrant to search the property.

Liberty County Judge Craig McNair also said cadaver dogs did not find bodies, KHOU reported.

There was initially confusion about what had been on the scene. Earlier, an unidentified federal official told CNN that at least 20 bodies had been found at the home.