• The video was shared online by one of the victims
  •  Esmeralda Upton was arrested following the incident
  • The police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime 

Police in Plano, Texas, have arrested a woman after a video showing her verbally abusing a group of four Indian-American women went viral on social media.

The video of the heated exchange, which took place outside a restaurant in Plano on Wednesday, was recorded by one of the four women and shared online, CBS News reported.

"Dinner with friends ended with a frightening experience. As we left Sixty Vines, Plano, and headed toward our cars, an angry, drunk woman came at us with hateful racial slurs and even physically attacked us," the post was captioned.

In the video, the woman, who identified herself as Mexican-American, is seen verbally berating the four women in a parking lot. She also directed a number of racial slurs at them like "Go back to India," and "We don't want you here," along with repeatedly dropping the f-word.

Moments later, she is seen physically assaulting at least two of the women. "Everywhere I go, you Indians are everywhere," she is seen yelling in the video. "If life was so great in India, why you are here."

The group of women tried to counter her, asking why she was attacking them.

"But you are the one who came and talk to me... I am with my friends," one of the women said.

Warning: Graphic video

According to a news release issued by the police Thursday, officers responded to a call Wednesday at around 8:15 p.m. at the restaurant parking lot.

As the officers arrived, the group of women alleged they had been assaulted by the Mexican-American woman, confirmed to be Esmeralda Upton of Plano by the police.

Upton has been arrested on charges of Assault Bodily Injury and Terroristic Threats and held on a total bond amount of $10,000. The police are currently investigating the matter as a hate crime.

"This incident is currently under investigation by the Plano Police Department's Crime Against Persons. Unit as a hate crime. Additional charges may be forthcoming," the statement added.

Rani Banerjee, one of the victims who posted the video on social media, spoke to local news and talked about the unfortunate incident.

"We were shocked by the racial slurs that she used and combative attitude," Banerjee told WFAA. "What was so very scary is she came very close and not only verbally assaulted us but started physically assaulting us. She started hitting me."

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