Video of a woman falling into a canal while texting her boyfriend has gone viral, and the clumsy victim is making light of the mishap.

The unfittingly named Laura Safe, a newsreader for Capital FM in the United Kingdom, was too busy texting to notice she was about to fall into a canal in Birmingham. You can view the above video of Safe falling (around the 17-second mark,) which has reached more than 40,000 views on YouTube since The Telegraph posted the clip Thursday. England’s ubiquitous CCTV cameras captured the footage last week.

Yet Safe made light of the incident on her Twitter account.

“Oh dear. I should really be called Laura UNsafe after the day I've had! Lol,” the newsreader tweeted last week.

“Er ... It was bloody traumatic! Need to go to bed. Or drink wine. Might go and drink wine in bed,” Safe wrote to one follower who commented on the texting incident.

Safe was in Birmingham’s Mailbox shopping district when she made a splash and fell into the frozen canal.

Luckily, the newsreader did not suffer any injuries from the incident, with a fellow pedestrian rescuing her from the fall.

According to The Sun, Safe said she thought the canal was part of the street because it was frozen.

“I thought ice on the canal was pavement because it looked dark in the corner of my eye,” she said. “I heard a man called out ’stop’ to me and I looked up at him, but it was too late by that point.”

Safe reported on her own mishap for Capital FM.

Following the incident, Safe tweeted a word of caution to her followers, although it didn’t involve the dangers of texting while walking.

“Lots of problems due to ICE on the roads this morning. Take it easy if you're out and about,” she wrote Tuesday.